My name is Wendy Sullivan and I am a fully Licensed Massage Practitioner. I attended massage school at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, Washington where I graduated with over 800 hours of massage training in 1993.  Since that time I have stayed up-to-date with over 300 additional hours of continuing education in various types of massage therapy, ethics, the business of bodywork, and spa services.  I feel very blessed that after over 25 years of practice, I still love what I do.  

It is my belief that no matter how much training one gets, the most important aspect of a massage is that the practitioner be present to the individual client on the massage table.  This is my aim.  It is when one is present, that the true value of bodywork can be accomplished.  It is my intent to create a safe, compassionate, and respectful environment in order for my clients to begin and continue whatever healing process they need to experience.  This can be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or a combination of them all.   There is a connection between the body, mind, and emotions that cannot be separated. 

So whether you need a relaxing sixty minute vacation, a place to shut off your mind for a bit, or relief from physical or emotional pain, it would be my privilege to serve your massage and spa needs.  

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